Tuesday, May 12, 2015

Virtual In Practice - $8 per hour

Extended office for dental Practices

Our No contract pricing is exclusively created for Dental practice owners who wants to run various activities to increase productivity but are not able to do so due to reasons like -

Shortage of team members
Lack of time
Technological Constraints
Training issues
Budget concerns

Our survey conducted on challenges faced by small and medium dental practices enabled us to customize the task list provided. 90 % of the practices wanted to have a supporting team that could manage calls during peak hours. Around 75% were interested in getting more online presence compared to what they had. And more than 95% wanted to increase their productivity on a monthly basis. Aclientz practice management team has created a solution for the above which would work as your Answering service, Recall specialist, Blogger, Social Media manager, and much more.

Virtual front desk agents are trained and skilled to handle practice activities like Patients calls, Insurance coordination, Recall Management, PMS management, Vendor/Payroll management etc. In order to schedule an appointment to know about Vip or any other service, please use the below mentioned information.

Call Us - 1800 AZ INDEX

Mail Us - jay@aclientz.com



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