Friday, May 8, 2015

Best Dental Marketing Tips

Best dental Marketing Tips!
Dental marketing has changed dramatically over the last five years and dentists can often feel caught between two worlds: the old, tried-and-true marketing methods they’ve used for years and the future-focused digital methods patients are using today. Marketing your dental practice in today’s world requires a mix of new and old strategies and determining the right marketing mix requires careful evaluation.  First of all you need tore examine the current marketing approaches according to your patient in order to continue-preserving those data may increase your marketing result and you also eliminate outdated marketing practices and the second thing is to educate your team about emerging marketing trends and make them involve into the strategy.

1.Up to date website
Website plays a vital role in digital marketing coz most of the patient rely up website to find the information and details. Dental Practice website in most important tool for your dental marketing. Even though if you own a website and haven’t updated for years – it’s time to update it now. You can add additional features to your websites like online appointments, practice schedule and much more.

2. Digital management/Campaign Management
Text and email marketing are pretty new the dental marketing where as more thena 80% of mobil phone users prefers text messaging and 31% prefers calling. It's possible to use texts and emails to confirm appointments, send birthday greetings and even do last minute reminders of patients' appointments, so that they don't forget. Whichever program you decide to use should have predesigned marketing campaigns, birthday greetings and appointment reminders that you can customize and send with a few clicks.

3. Social Media Management
Social media is the new word of mouth and it requires a particular strategy for a dental practice. In other words, building a social media presence is worth the effort. Facebook is the biggest and most important social media site, so that’s the first step in building a social media presence. Nothing else comes close in terms of time spent and number of real users. Facebook used to be just another social media site, but it has evolved considerably, becoming a true marketing platform. 28% of 18-34 year-olds check Facebook before they get out of bed! 10 Facebook has become a way people learn about businesses, services and products from their friends, and their friends of friends. Best of all, having a Facebook business page is free – which means there’s no reason you shouldn’t already have one. They can open the dentists’ fan pages and read what everyone has posted. They can even search the content of the posts and get results. Graph Search has radically changed the value of Facebook from a marketing standpoint. You can also buy advertising on Facebook. Similar to paid search, you pay when someone clicks on your ad. You can target specific demographics and interests, then Facebook overlays its own process involving user conversations and preferences to feed users ads most relevant to them. This is a relatively new medium, but might be worth exploring and getting ahead of the crowd. Finally, Search engines look at the content on Facebook fan pages – which adds to your SEO.

4. Patient Review
People love online reviews and they expect them for everything. The biggest trend in online search behavior is consumer reviews. While patient reviews may not seem like marketing – they most certainly are. If a consumer can’t find a review for a business or product – they will move on to the next one that does have reviews. Over 70% of consumers are influenced by customer reviews when choosing a dentist. The best way to do this is by emailing your patients and asking them to do it for you. Google page and post a review. You don’t need new reviews every day. A couple a weeks is great.

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  1. All the dentists I know are incredibly busy people, giving 100% to their patients. Taking on the important but massive job of digitally marketing their company must seem insurmountable to the smaller dental outfits. I'm sure however, with professional help, it's an achievable goal and very worthwhile. My dentist already sends me appointment and marketing text messages and it's great!

    Regina Morales @ Sonic Response


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