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Aclientz business solutions
About us - Aclientz business solutions is head quartered at New Jersey with delivery centers in the US and India. Our team comprises of Medical providers, Doctors, Medical office managers, Medical equipment vendors and BPO experts. Our foundation is built on strong desire to provide a comprehensive extended office of specialists to assist private medical practices in patient acquisition, patient retention and operational excellence.
Vision - Our Customers business is perfect, so is their desire to improve it. We plan, execute, improve, operate, and excel to convert our customers desire to reality. Together we desire more, achieve more.

Why Aclientz?
We help Private Medical Practices thrive!!!
It's becoming increasingly difficult for private medical practices to thrive. The traditional business model of the independent medical practice may be endangered, but there are amazing opportunities for those willing to examine and embrace models better suited to the future. Ours is the “Model of the Future”.
Our services are engineered to help private medical practices with an extended office of specialists in an efficient and cost effective way. We help our customers in Patient Acquisition, Patient Retention and achieve Operational Excellence.

How does Aclientz help Private Medical Practices?
Aclientz is a one stop solution for private medical practices. Our specialists work along with your team to assist you in acquiring patients for your medical practice, providing exceptional customer care to retain them with your practice and provide an extended office which takes care of calls, vendors and insurance documentation along with other back office operations of a medical practice.

Various activities combined leads to operational excellence for a medical practice, which results  in patient recruitment, effective patient retention and operational excellence.

Patient Acquisition
·         Consulting
·         Branding and promotion
·         Website optimization
·         Search Engine optimization
·         Social presence management
·         360 channel marketing
·         Referrals management
·         Mobility Services
·         Social Computing
·         Market Analysis
·         Answering Desk
Patient Retention
·         Consulting
·         Market Research
·         Website Optimization
·         News Letters
·         Bills and Invoice Queries
·         Insurance
·         Schedules and Appointments
·         Promotions
·         Social Media Integration
·         Answering desk
Operational Excellence
·         Suppliers market place
·         Infrastructure management
·         Regulatory compliance
·         Insurance coordination
·         Supplies sourcing
·         Inventory management
·         Vendor payables
·         Accounting and taxes
·         Dental Payroll
·         Staff sourcing
·         Staff Training
Who should subscribe to our services?
Our services are tailor made for the private medical practices who are facing the below mentioned challenges

·         Medical practices losing revenue due to stagnant or a declining patient base
·         Medical practices that does not have any marketing policy or an outdated marketing policy.
·         Medical practices that has a considerable number of payer dependent patients
·         Medical practices having time constraints in coordinating with vendors
·         Medical practices with limited staff trained in healthcare industry practices
·         Medical practices running on limited operating budgets.
·         Medical practices having Insurance and FFS based patient base
·         Medical practices spending for multiple vendors for their operational activities

If you think that your medical practice relates to any of the challenges mentioned above then we have the answers for you.

Our team of specialists work 24/7 to ensure business continuity of your practice. Our services would enable you to acquire more patients, beat your competitors and will generate more revenue for your medical practice.

Our Contact Information –

Phone:1 800 AZ INDEX

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